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The Tomorrow’s Value Rating (TVR) is an annual assessment of corporate sustainability practices carried out by international corporate sustainability agency Two Tomorrows.

It examines companies’ performance against 14 criteria (see below). We base our assessments on companies’ public disclosures, including their annual report and accounts, sustainability, CSR and corporate citizenship reports, and information on their websites.

The research is carried out by a team of sustainability experts. To ensure consistency across evaluations, we carry out a formal quality assurance process to crosscheck scores.

To download a full methodology document, simply provide your contact details at the bottom of the page and click 'submit'.

Tomorrow's Value Rating assessment criteria

  • Is the core business model sustainable?
  • Is the company position and communication on sustainability balanced?
  • Do the company's operations or historical performance indicate a clear risk of accident, incident or harm to the environment, or detrimental impact on society?
  • Does the company have an executive governance model that allows for and actively integrates a wide range of stakeholder feedback?
  • Does the company have the capacity to manage material issues?
  • Does the company effectively engage stakeholders?
  • Does the company demonstrate positive performance against material issues?
  • Does the company consider and manage upstream and downstream impacts?
  • Does the company have a strong understanding of material issues?
  • Does the company have a systematic process to innovate products and/or operations to create greater social and/or environmental impacts?
  • Does the company have systematic processes for integrating sustainability and non-financial risks/opportunities into its core business decision-making?
  • Does the company effectively use a wide range of stakeholder feedback to drive product and/or operational innovation?
  • Is there evidence that the company is exploring leadership opportunities through innovation in sustainable practices or products and integrating these opportunities into the core business model?
  • Is the company an active participant in multi-stakeholder initiatives to address material issues for the sector?

Companies rated in 2011

Download tvr methodology 2011.pdf - contact details required






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